Volunteer Roles

Apply to be an Adviser

What does an adviser do?

The role of a CAB adviser is very varied and the most challenging. The training is intense and the standards you must achieve are high! Our clients will depend on you...


Here’s some more information on some of the things advisers do in CAB:

  • interview clients primarily face to face, also by phone and e-mail

  • provide information from AdviserNet and other sources

  • explain the choices the client faces, and what these choices mean

  • offer practical help to clients by writing letters, making phone calls and helping fill in forms

  • perform calculations (for example, to assess entitlement to certain kinds of benefits)

  • refer clients to other departments within CAB or other appropriate agencies if they are better placed to help

  • write comprehensive records of all clients’ cases

Support and development for CAB advisers

You don’t need to know everything to be a CAB adviser! Citizens Advice Bedford utilises an accredited training program that will give you the skills you need to deliver a high-quality service to clients. 

There will always be someone in  CAB that you can go to for guidance or support to make sure that you’re giving the right advice.

Once you’re a competent adviser, you can choose to undertake training and develop specialist skills such as, for example, employment tribunal representation or money advice. In essence, the more time you can commit to volunteering the more you will gain from it!

Apply for Money Advice Assistant
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What does a Money Advice Assistant do?

As a Money Advice Assistant you will be part of and support our dedicated Money Advice Team and Caseworkers. You will speak with clients to explore and identify their financial problem and you will provide relevant information and guidance to enable them to deal with their situation more effectively. This service is offered face to face (in accordance with Covid-19 restrictions) and via telephone.   

As an Money Advice Assistant you could be:

  • interviewing clients on the phone 

  • explain the choices the client faces, and what these choices mean

  • perform calculations (for example, to assess how much a client's debt amounts too)

  • enter information into computer systems

  • Assisting the Money Advice team with any ad-hoc tasks as and when required

​You will receive comprehensive training on Debt and Money to enable you to help people experiencing financial difficulties.  You will be fully supported both during and following your training, but the training doesn’t need to stop there as there will be many opportunities to develop yourself professionally in a variety of other areas while volunteering with us.

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Apply for Client Support Officer

What does a Client Support Officer do? (Role Not currently available)

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be first person our clients and visitors meet when they come to see us? 

Our Client Support Officers have an important role in delivering our advice service by welcoming clients with a friendly, yet reassuringly professional persona, performing a triage process and helping everything to run smoothly. At Citizens Advice Bedford, we don't keep clients waiting so you'll need to be well organised, friendly and decisive, with excellent computer skills.


As a Client Support Officer you would:

  • greet clients and other visitors

  • answer the phone

  • ensure clients know what is happening and when they'll be seen

  • explain the services available

  • point out self-help materials

  • monitor client numbers  

  • maintain the client services area

  • enter information into computer systems.

Specific qualifications and experience are not required to take on the role. You need to:

  • have a good manner when talking to people

  • have basic computing skills

  • have an understanding of, and commitment to confidentiality

  • be friendly and approachable