A Testimonial from Zakia, Law Student & Volunteer Adviser

"I heard about Citizens Advice during an extra-Curricular seminar at my University. I decided to engage in further research and found out about all the great services that Citizens Advice provides for the community. Since I study Law, I thought that volunteering for Citizens Advice would complement my studies and help me gain skills that I can transfer to my future profession and also learn more about my community.

The application process was straightforward, with clear instruction of the Citizen's Advice Bedford website. I completed a form with my details and answered three questions that aimed to investigate why I wanted to volunteer and whether I was a suitable candidate for the role. The next day I received a phone call to arrange an interview.

The interview process was swift for me. Notably, I was made to feel very comfortable during the interview; which was very important as I had a low confidence level at the time and this was one of the skills that I hoped to advance during my time with Citizens Advice.

Upon completing my interview stage I was enrolled in the training programme, which approximately lasts around 5 months. My training consisted of the onsite sessions with my training supervisor and completing some tasks offsite on a training platform provided by Citizens Advice. The supervised sessions are interactive, engaging and insightful, it also allows me to ask questions or any queries that I may have, although I always have the option of emailing my training supervisor at any time.

Since lockdown, I have still had had the same level of support and I have a weekly online meeting with my training supervisor where she provides me with feedback on my work and any further training that I would need to complete. The training programme is effective and informative, and I appreciate the support that I have received throughout my time with Citizens Advice.

Lastly, I would like to share that I have found the working environment to be friendly and everyone is happy to support each other. I have had so much help from many of the experienced volunteers and they have assisted me with my work and demonstrated a great example of what it means to be a team player".

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