Lets hear from one of our student volunteers

Meet Abigail, a law student in her second year of university who tells us some of the reasons why she decided to volunteer for Citizens Advice Bedford and what she has gained from the experience.

"Why did you decide to volunteer"?

I was looking for an opportunity to give back to my local community and fill my spare time whilst at home from the university breaks. Citizens Advice Bedford seemed to be the perfect option as I am able to talk to people face to face and help them get through a difficult time.

"What Skills has it taught you"?

I have really been able to develop my knowledge, interpersonal and communication skills. The real benefit being that I was able to do all this, whilst still being able to help people resolve real life problems.

"What have you gained from the experience"?

It is a great opportunity to develop your communication skills and to gain some real life experience. I believe volunteering for Citizens Advice Bedford had provided me with excellent skills which will be useful in preparation for my desired career in law.

Abigail Clements-Beverley

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