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Where does Citizens Advice Bedford deliver it's services?

For my 2nd contribution to this blog I wanted to shine the torch on some of the services Citizens Advice Bedford (CAB) delivers and how our amazing volunteers contribute to the effective delivery.

You’d be forgiven for thinking we cover just the Bedford Borough region, whilst this will always be a core focus since 2015 CAB has expanded; strategically, financially and geographically.

The charitable sector (we call it the 3rd sector) has commercialised meaning we competitively bid to deliver new contracts and services across the country. This means the tax payer gets a good deal due to efficiencies and accountability; clients get great advice for their problems because the service is designed utilising best in class technology to help clients wherever they may be.

CAB delivers many contracts and services, some of which cover most of England and Wales.

Volunteers assist in helping people where ever they may be by finding out the client’s issues, liaising with a staff member to decide the best course of action and playing a meaningful part in the resolution of their problem.

Within Bedford Borough and Central Bedfordshire CAB delivers the following services:

CAB also delivers services across England and Wales on behalf of National organisations:

The last 4 years have been positive because CAB is a forward thinking organisation that seeks out opportunities and will continue to do so. The delivery of new and exciting services to help people is only possible with committed volunteers. We would love to welcome you and take part in our journey.

The very best

Mark Sutcliffe

Chief Executive.

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